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“The Best Time to go for a Preventive Healthcare Checkup is just when you don't need one.”

In today's competitive world, this statement is apt for all of us who are adopting a stressful & sedentary lifestyle knowingly or unknowingly. As a result of which Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiac, Renal, Metabolic, Autoimmune and various other lifestyle disorders are becoming rampant all across the country. According to industry experts, half of deaths in India were attributed to Preventable Non-Communicable diseases.

At Thyrocare, we have always believed and preached “Prevention is Better than Cure”. Most people are reluctant to practice it because they feel “It is costly perhaps” , “Nothing can happen to me” , “I have no time for this” , or wait till there is pain or discomfort. Just because you are not sick, may not mean you are healthy. It is rightly said that a wise investment today can avoid a forced expenditure later, one small step can have a tremendous impact on your future before it becomes 'Too Late'!

We as a laboratory are clear, committed and focused on “WELLNESS”. Hence, we have introduced cost-effective and comprehensive preventive healthcare packages which help in profiling your health by assessing risk factors which can cause a serious disease or disorder in the future. Thyrocare strives to create awareness about Preventive Care to lead a healthy and cheerful life through its innovative and ambitious initiative “AAROGYAM” nationwide.

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